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In June 2022, Charlotte’s journey with OnlyFans took a decisive turn. Initially, her account lay dormant for two years until she began her own promotional efforts. These initial steps led to a gradual increase in her subscriber base, but it was the partnership with Creatr in December 2022 that truly transformed Charlotte’s trajectory.

Once onboard with Creatr, we immediately implemented a strategic plan leveraging our expert chatting team. The effect was evident: a substantial spike in revenue driven by efficiently monetised direct message interactions – a strategy she hadn’t successfully executed before our involvement. The results were not just incremental but exponential. Within a mere two months, Charlotte was celebrating net earnings exceeding $100K per month.

This success is a showcase of Creatr’s ability to craft bespoke strategies. We don’t rely on one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, we analyse and adapt our strategies to fit the unique attributes of each creator. Our commitment to data-driven approaches and personalised marketing plans has proven effective, and this case is a testament to that. By aligning our expertise with her potential, we helped her achieve a level of success and financial stability that was previously unattainable, marking a significant milestone in her OnlyFans career.

Live Results

Live Metrics

$90-120K Monthly Income

$5-10 Sub Price

4100 Paid Fans

31% Sub Revenue

68% DM/PPV Tips


I've been on OnlyFans for a couple of years, just doing my own thing, but it wasn't until I teamed up with Creatr that I truly saw what was possible. I remember feeling excited but nervous when I started with them in December 2022. And wow, what a journey it's been! With Creatr's expertise, especially their chatting team, my earnings skyrocketed. Going from just scraping by to consistent $100K months felt like a dream. It’s incredible how tailored and impactful their strategies are. They saw potential in me that I didn’t even see in myself and turned it into real, life changing success. I’m not just another creator to them; I’m part of the Creatr team, and that makes all the difference.

The Creatr Guarantee