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Daisy started her OnlyFans journey in June 2022, initially managing her account independently. With her established social media presence, she experienced immediate success, achieving remarkable earnings in October and November. However, as demand grew and her external commitments increased, Daisy found herself struggling to sustain her earnings, which plateaued around $5K per month.

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of managing her account solo, Daisy approached us in May 2023, recognising her untapped potential with the right support. By June, her earnings had doubled to a net of $20K, and by August, she celebrated her first $60K month. We finished 2023 strongly, closing out the year incrementally increasing Daisy’s earnings each month.

At Creatr, we specialise in data-driven marketing decisions. After identifying a strategy with substantial ROI potential, we intensified our efforts, resulting in Daisy more than doubling her earnings in her last full 30 days with us, achieving a remarkable $150K net in March 2024. In the past 7 days of April, we’ve generated $32K, putting us on course to secure Daisy’s second consecutive six-figure month by the end of April 2024!

Live Results

Live Metrics

$130-150K Monthly Income

$4 Sub Price

5602 Paid Fans

15% Sub Revenue

85% DM/PPV Tips


When I reached out to Creatr, I was exhausted from trying to manage my OnlyFans account on my own. Despite my initial success, things had really slowed down and I needed help. Working with Creatr has been unbelievable. From doubling my earnings within months to achieving my first $150K month this year, the results speak for themselves. The team at Creatr truly understands my goals and has provided invaluable support every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with my decision to partner with them.

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