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In late February 2023, we welcomed Ella to the Creatr Team, transitioning her from fluctuating income levels ranging between $3K to $10K per month under her previous management. Ella’s journey with Creatr began with an innovative strategy, pivoting from these inconsistent earnings to a stable monthly income, averaging between $30K to $40K, and even hitting a peak of $50K. Despite this success, there was a noticeable drop in December to $12K. This fluctuation is attributed to our tailored marketing approach.

Our strategy centred around leveraging dating app traffic, a choice that aligned with Ella’s desire for privacy. We set up multiple dating profiles across America, designed to funnel traffic to her OnlyFans account. This method was chosen because it offered a dual advantage: maintaining our clients privacy while tapping into a demographic with a higher likelihood of converting into paying subscribers.

However, this approach isn’t without its challenges. The nature of using dating apps for promotion, a practice often at odds with these platforms’ terms of service, means navigating a landscape of constantly evolving rules. This sometimes results in periods where adjustments are needed, affecting traffic and revenue consistency. Ella was fully aware of these potential fluctuations and was comfortable with this strategy, prioritising privacy over a more public marketing method.

Live Results

Live Metrics

$30-40K Monthly Income

$3 Sub Price

2298 Paid Fans

20% Sub Revenue

79% DM/PPV Tips


When I joined Creatr, I knew I wanted a different approach to marketing my OnlyFans page. The team understood my need for privacy and came up with a brilliant strategy using dating apps. Sure, my earnings have had their ups and downs, especially when app rules change, but I appreciate Creatr's transparency about this. They've helped me maintain a great income while respecting my boundaries. I'm thankful for their innovative approach and continuous support, even when the path isn't perfectly smooth.

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