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Lauren’s journey with us at Creatr began in September 2023, a short three months into her OnlyFans career. Her initial success, with months earning $5K and $10K independently, was a clear signal of her potential for exponential growth. At Creatr, we specialise in identifying and nurturing such potential.
In our first collaborative month, Lauren’s earnings leaped from $4K to $30K. This success was the result of rigorous strategy testing by her dedicated Creatr team, meaning we now had an acute understanding of what worked for her as a creator.

By November, Lauren celebrated her first $100K month, and by December, we had nearly doubled that figure to $181K. Such rapid growth is a testament to our team’s agility in adapting strategies based on real-time performance metrics.

As of January 2024, Lauren’s account has continued to excel, with her last 30 days bringing in an impressive $166K. This remarkable progression in just half a year with Creatr signifies a trajectory that promises 2024 to be a landmark year in her OnlyFans journey.

Live Results

Live Metrics

$160-180K Monthly Income

$4-8 Sub Price

8423 Paid Fans

30% Sub Revenue

70% DM/PPV Tips


In the first month, we took things slow, testing out different strategies to see what really worked for me. I appreciated that we didn't just rush into things or waste time on stuff that wasn't right for my page. Once we hit on the right approach, we went all in, and that way of doing things really did pay off! I'm only half a year into working with Creatr and I'm already blown away by what we've achieved. Every month is better than the last, and I'm super excited to see where we'll be by the end of 2024.

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