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What is Your Pricing Structure?

Our pricing structure is designed to be flexible and creator-centric. We propose our fees as a percentage of the net revenue generated on your OnlyFans account each month. This percentage is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration various factors such as your existing subscriber base, content quality, engagement levels, and specific goals. Our approach is subjective because we believe in tailoring our services to match your unique needs, ensuring a fair and customised partnership that aligns with your growth objectives.

What should I expect from the proposal process?

During the proposal process, which typically takes us 48 hours to complete, you can expect a detailed breakdown of our services, costs, and strategies. We will work closely with you to create a plan that aligns with your objectives.

What should I expect from the onboarding process?

The onboarding process involves a seamless transition where we gather necessary information, set up accounts, and establish communication channels. We ensure a smooth start to our partnership.

What is a discovery call?

After submitting your application, you may be asked to schedule a Discovery Call. This is an initial conversation where we get to know you better, understand your goals, and assess how we can best assist you in achieving success on OnlyFans.

Do I keep the rights to my content?

Yes, you retain full ownership and control of your content. We work to enhance your content’s visibility and reach while respecting your creative rights.

What type of creators do you work with?

We work with creators across various niches and backgrounds, including models, influencers and more. Our core emphasis lies in recognising the potential within every creator. Thanks to our robust promotional strategies, we have the confidence to work with creators at any stage of their journey, including those who are just beginning.

What are your promotion strategies?

Our promotion strategies include a mix of paid campaigns, organic growth techniques, social media management, and collaborative efforts with other creators.

Can I set up a call to discuss further?

Of course! You can schedule a call with our team to discuss your goals, explore our services, and determine how we can best assist you once you have submitted your application via our application form.

How much content am I expected to produce?

We recommend producing a minimum of 10 to 20 pieces of content per week to maintain an active and engaging OnlyFans account. However, it’s important to note that there is a direct correlation between the volume of content you create and your potential earnings. In general, the more content you produce, the greater the opportunity to attract and retain subscribers, leading to increased sales and earnings.

If I accept Creatr’s proposal, how long before Creatr begins producing results?

Results can vary depending on your specific goals and strategies. We aim to start producing tangible results within the first few weeks.

How long are your contracts for?

Contract lengths can vary based on your preferences, ranging from short-term agreements to longer-term commitments. We offer flexibility to accommodate your needs.

What are all the responsibilities from the creator?

As a creator partnering with us, your primary responsibilities include being responsive to our team’s communications and ensuring timely content uploads. However, we want to emphasise that your main focus should remain on content creation. We take care of the operational and promotional aspects to optimise your OnlyFans presence, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – creating exceptional content.

I don’t have any prior experience; will my application be considered?

Although our primary focus is on significantly enhancing existing accounts, we do consider newcomers as well. When evaluating applications, we take various factors into consideration.

Why was my application declined?

It’s important to understand that we meticulously evaluate every application before making a decision. Our confidence in our ability to achieve significant financial success with each client we onboard is high. Onboarding entails a substantial allocation of resources and dedication from our end. Consequently, we choose to collaborate with creators with whom, based on the information provided, we have a high level of confidence in achieving maximum success.

What is an account audit?

An account audit involves a comprehensive review of your OnlyFans account to assess its performance and identify areas for improvement.

How do you handle custom requests?

Our approach to handling custom requests is straightforward. When a custom request is received, we promptly communicate it to you, the creator. You then have the discretion to either accept or decline the custom request.

How do I communicate with my account manager?

You can communicate with your account manager through dedicated channels, such as messaging apps (Whatsapp/Telegram), or scheduled calls.

How frequently will I interact with my account manager?

Our team is available around the clock to assist you. The frequency of communication is entirely at your discretion. Whether you prefer a daily conversation or a less frequent weekly check-in, we are equipped to accommodate your needs. We have both the human resources to support daily interactions and the technical infrastructure to efficiently manage your account with minimal personal exchanges.

How do I start working with you?

Simply begin by completing our application form. Once you’ve submitted your details, our team conducts a thorough review, and you can expect to hear from us within 48 hours.

Do you organise the vault?

Yes, we can help you organise your content vault to ensure a seamless experience for your subscribers.

How do I pay Creatr?

We invoice you on a monthly basis for our percentage of the net revenue generated on your OnlyFans account.

Is hiring Creatr’s managed services a tax write-off?

Depending on your location and circumstances, hiring our managed services usually can qualify as a tax-deductible business expense. Consult with a tax professional for specific guidance.

Who can access my content, and is it secure?

We prioritise privacy and data security for all our partners. Once your onboarding process is finished, access to your shared data files is restricted to you and your assigned account manager exclusively. The same strict protocol applies to your OnlyFans account.

Are there any financial risks when starting with Creatr?

No, there are no financial risks involved. Once we move beyond the application phase, we establish a contract that covers our costs. We invest time and resources to achieve the best possible results together. Our earnings are directly correlated to your account’s performance. You can rest assured that there are no hidden costs associated with your account!



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